Tell us what your company does?
longtermtrade.com is an international investment fund that accepts investors ' money in trust management. This enables our clients to get daily passive income, the amount of which is set by the company's investment plans.

Where do you invest?
Our investment portfolio is created taking into account the most promising areas in terms of profitability, while we prefer investments in business projects related to longtermtrade.com, because our successful experience proved the correctness of the chosen strategy.

To what extent is your company legal?
The company operates under the jurisdiction of United Kingdom; in this country we have received registration documents and a license to conduct financial transactions involving third-party resources, as well as pay taxes under the law of United Kingdom.

Are there any restrictions for people who want to become your clients?
No, there are no restrictions, except for one requirement reaching the age of majority.

How protected is the personal information of investors?
All personal data is stored on the company's servers in encrypted form, which ensures the security of all information from unauthorized persons.

How to become an investor of the company?
To get the status of an investor, it is enough to go through the registration procedure and replenish the deposit in an amount sufficient to purchase an investment plan.

Do I need to pass through some account verification or personal identification upon registration?
No, we do not require anything like this. Our cooperation will be completely anonymous.

Do I need to make a deposit at registration?
No, registration is free for all users; all funds available on your deposit are used exclusively for investment purposes.

Can I create multiple accounts?
No, multiple accounts on the site are prohibited. To increase the profitability of investments, you can purchase an unlimited number of investment plans.

It is impossible to create an account, what is the reason?
To create an account, you must enter the specified information in the appropriate columns of the registration form. Incorrect entry of information or incomplete filling of the registration form is most often the reason for the inability to create an account. If the re-filling does not bring results, please contact support.

Why can't I log into my account?
This problem occurs if you specify the wrong password. If you have forgotten your password or want to change it, use the appropriate section on the site and get instructions to restore access to your account to your email address.

Is e-mail change allowed?
No, for security purposes, your account and on your deposit of funds, change of email address is not provided. However, if for any reason you have lost access to your e-mail specified at registration, contact support and find out what details you need to provide to identify and change the e-mail address.

How do I change my billing information?
You can make a deposit using one of several payment systems listed below. In this case, withdrawal is possible to the same wallet, which was used to Fund the account. Changing the payment details for the next deposit replenishment, it should be remembered that the withdrawal of funds to the previously specified wallets will not be possible.

With the help of which EPS operations are carried out on the input and output of money?
All financial transactions on the site are carried out using the following payment systems: PerfectMoney, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, and Payeer.

What commission do you charge for depositing and withdrawing funds?
We do not charge a transaction fee; you will only have to pay the fees that are set in the payment systems you use.

Is it possible to reinvest the earned money?
Yes, you have the opportunity to reinvest the income received or withdraw dividends to your wallet.

Is it possible increase the profitability of the investment to plan?
No, the amount of profit of each investment plan is a fixed amount, but to increase income, you can additionally purchase other investment plans.

I made a mistake and bought the wrong investment plan, how do I fix it?
Unfortunately, all financial transactions on the site are irreversible.

When is the accrual of profits?
Dividends are credited to your account after the start of the deposit.

How do you ensure the safety of investors financial deposits?
The security system is integrated into the software of the site, which along with your personal password provides protection against any outside attacks.

Are there any restrictions on withdrawal?
The minimum amount available for withdrawal is $0.1 for PerfectMoney and Payeer, $10 for Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dogecoin and Ethereum.

I made a withdrawal request, when the money will be credited to my wallet?
Withdrawal requests are instantly, but sometimes it may take a few hours up to 48 hours to be processed. We understand your impatience, but forced to set the time period to process applications within 48 business hours. This time is necessary to thoroughly check and ensure the security of each transaction.

How to get a referral link?
Referral link is available in the personal account of each registered user.

Can I invite new members without having an open deposit?
Participation in the affiliate program has nothing to do with your activity as an investor.

How to withdraw money received as a partner reward?
This profit is deducted on the same basis as dividends received from investment activities, that is, provided that the amount withdrawn exceeds $0.1. But if desired, you can spend a partner reward for the purchase of investment plans.

I do not want to participate in the affiliate program, is it possible?
Each user registered on our website, independently determines in what way it is more convenient for him to get income. Both investment activities and participation in the partnership program are carried out exclusively on a voluntary basis.