The main features of the rules governing the company's cooperation with the Investor are specified in this section and are binding on both parties throughout the time of cooperation within the project.
The entry into force of the guidelines begins with their publication in this section.

1. General rules

1.1 Any adult user (at the time of registration on the Company's website) has the right to become an official investor of the company.

1.2. In case of doubt in its capabilities to follow all the provisions of the rules should refrain from registering on the website of the Company and to abandon the acquisition of the status of the investor.

1.3. The user gets the Investor status immediately after the registration is completed. From this time on, he has access to all the functions of the site.

1.4. Official activities are carried out within the framework of the legislation of the UK, where the company is registered. The head office is located in London. On the official website of the Company everyone is invited to get acquainted with the registration documentation and other legal information about the subject.

1.5. The company operates on the principle of non-disclosure of confidential information received from the Investor.

2.Company's obligations, rights and guarantees

2.1. The company undertakes the obligation to effectively allocate funds received from investors, solely to ensure its activities related to the market - Hourly Accruals, Instant Payouts.

2.2. Technical problems encountered by the Investor in the process of working with payment systems used for withdrawal or Deposit of funds are not the Responsibility of the company.

2.3. The company ensures timely accrual of profit in full compliance with the specified regulations, the rules of this document and the terms of the investment plan chosen by the Investor.

2.5. Each transaction is final and irrevocable, and cannot be cancelled or challenged.

2.6. The safety of the Investor's personal data and ensuring their absolute confidentiality is the responsibility of the Company and is its direct obligation.

2.7. In case of incorrect operations due to the fault of the Investor compensation of the lost money from the Company is not provided.

2.8. All information, tools and media content posted on The Company website have copyright and cannot be used on other resources without the permission of authorized Representatives of the company.

3. The rights and obligations of the Investor

3.1. During the registration process, the Investor is obliged to provide only true and accurate personal information.

3.2. The information provided by the Investor can be processed by the company's employees within the legislative field, to which the Investor gives his personal consent.

3.3. Full responsibility for all transactions performed rests with the Investor. If you have any problems or questions of a financial nature, the Investor can use the help of the company's support service.

3.4. All services provided to the Investor should be used exclusively for the implementation of the originally envisaged activities. If malicious activity is detected in relation to the company's website, the Investor's account will be blocked along with the funds on the account.

3.5. Creation of multiple accounts by one user is prohibited and punishable. Client can open only one account per IP/Family/Device. If you wish to open another account contact us before at If a new account is opened, the old account will be closed.

3.6. The implementation of investment activities by the Investor must comply with the rules of international law, excluding the Commission of financial transactions with the use of illegally obtained funds.

3.7. The investor is personally responsible for compliance with the tax laws of his country.

3.8. It is forbidden to create accounts using your own affiliate links, abusing the terms of the affiliate program of the company. Detection of violation of this paragraph is accompanied by irrevocable removal of all accounts and blocking of funds on their balance.

4. Force majeure

4.1. The occurrence of unforeseen force majeure circumstances may cause the termination of cooperation between the Investor and the Company for an indefinite period of time.

5. Making changes and adjustments to the main features

5.1. Revision or editing of information in this section by authorized representatives of the company is allowed without additional notification of users.

6. The termination of collaboration

6.1. The initiative to terminate the cooperation between the Investor and The Company can be shown by any of the parties.

6.2. A unilateral termination of the Company's cooperation with the Investor is allowed in case of violation of the applicable rules or fraudulent transactions on its part.

6.3. The investor is not obliged to report on the reasons for the initiated termination of cooperation with the company.

7. Disputable situations

7.1. Resolution of disputes between the Company and the Investor takes place in the negotiation process or in the framework of the current legislation.